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If you are searching for an experienced lawyer to assist you with resolving your property division matter during a divorce, I can help. With 25+ years practicing law, I serve clients throughout Franklin and the surrounding areas in Tennessee. Throughout the time I have been providing my legal services to divorcing clients, I have come to realize that one of the most complex and contested issues is property and asset division.

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Negotiating a Fair Settlement on Your Behalf

There are many different factors that will be taken into account when the court is making a decision on property or asset division. For example, if you owned the family home, but your family lived in the home for a number of years, this may be considered as community property in the eyes of the court. If you choose to have my firm represent your case, you can rest assured that I will put forth my experience and skill to your advantage.

There are two basic categories of property when it comes to property division in a divorce case:

  • Community property (marital property) - Community property includes personal or real property which was acquired during the marriage. Your regular income may be included, even if you had it in a separate bank account.
  • Separate property - Separate property are those assets which were given to you prior to the marriage. Separate property also includes gifts received before or during the marriage and any inheritance you may have received.

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Whether you have been married for a long period of time or it was a marriage of short duration, there has likely been a commingling of your personal assets and funds. Allow me, Julia E. Stovall, a dedicated Franklin attorney, to represent your rights and ensure that your assets are protected in the proceedings.

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