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Child custody proceedings are saturated with delicate emotions and weighted with the future and wellbeing of your child on the line. I understand and sympathize with the importance of this process. That’s why I am committed to working towards a plan that benefits your child(ren) and gives you your deserved time together. For 25 years, I’ve helped Franklin families in this very situation. Now, I’m available around the clock to help you and your family.

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Child Custody in Tennessee

In Tennessee, custody is broken into physical and legal custody through the Permanent Parenting Plan. These decisions can be made between the parents and enforced by the court if the two are able to agree. However, if the parents maintain different desires for how the custody should be divided, the decision will be made in court.

Physical and legal custody account for two aspects of the child’s life. Physical custody establishes who the child will live with. Legal custody grants a parent the power to make decisions for their child regarding their healthcare, schooling, and overall wellbeing. Both of these abilities can be joint or sole, where either both parents can house or make decisions for the child (joint custody), or only one may (sole custody).

Once decided, child custody is expected to be respected. It’s only modifiable should there be a substantial change in circumstances that would affect the child’s wellbeing.

From its inception and through its upholding, child custody exists to protect the best interest of the child. To ensure the custodial decisions are made just so, Tennessee courts consider:

  • The child’s wishes for where they prefer to live, if they are 12 or older
  • The relationships the child has with each parent
  • The child’s need for stability
  • The physical, mental, and financial wellbeing of each parent
  • The other people who live in either parent’s home and their relationships with the child

Tennessee courts thoroughly review custody cases based on the needs of the children and the ability and likelihood of each parent to provide them.

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