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Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee

It can be difficult to find a story about a divorce that is not centered on strife, hardship, and heartbreak. This is not because such stories do not exist, but merely because they are not as interesting to outside parties. That doesn't mean that peaceful divorces are not possible.

If you are going through a divorce in TN, there is a strong possibility that everything could remain peaceful, as long as you allow me, Franklin uncontested divorce attorney Julia E. Stovall, to handle your case in Tennessee.

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What Is an Uncontested Divorce in TN?

For a divorce in TN to be considered uncontested, there cannot be any contested areas of your divorce agreement. This means that each aspect of your divorce has been planned out, represented, and unofficially established.

An uncontested divorce deals with the same issues as any other divorce in TN, such as:

It is important to realize that an uncontested divorce in TN does not guarantee that the arrangement will be beneficial to you in the long run. I have come across a number of divorcing spouses who thought that everything would be fine since they had entered an uncontested divorce, only to realize that one aspect or another was unfair or unbalanced. You should always allow a professional family law lawyer to review your divorce case in TN, even if you think everything is squared away.

What are the Requirements for an Uncontested Divorce in Tennessee?

Also called an “agreed divorce,” there are certain requirements you must fulfill to file for an uncontested divorce in TN:

  • One or both spouses must have lived in TN for at least the past 6 months, or you both have lived in TN when you decided to file for the divorce.
  • You and your spouse have no children under the age of 18, are disabled, or still in high school
  • The wife must not be currently pregnant
  • You and your spouse do not own any real estate, businesses, or land together
  • All asset and property division has been agreed to
  • Each spouse is committed to ending the marriage

How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take in TN?

While no divorce is identical, an uncontested divorce typically takes a minimum of 60 days. If you and your spouse have children together, then the mandatory waiting period will be increased to a minimum of 90 days. Still, the time it will take to finalize your divorce will depend on how long before your final divorce hearing is scheduled. The divorce is official once the judge signs your Decree of Divorce.

What are The Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce in TN?

If it is determined that an uncontested divorce truly is right for you and your family, you may experience some unique advantages. In fact, not only you will feel the benefits, but your spouse should as well, as an uncontested divorce is something that is supposed to cater to both of your wants and needs.

Some of the advantages you can expect include:

  • Time: Divorces typically slow down once a disagreement springs up. In an uncontested divorce, the only speedbumps are those that are unavoidable due to the nature of the legal system.
  • Money: It is not free to use the time of the court. With that said, the less time you spend in a courtroom, the less you owe the state in court fees.
  • Emotions: An uncontested divorce can feel like a breath of fresh air to spouses who were expecting to have to fight tooth-and-nail for their best interests. High net divorces and those involving serious troubles, such as domestic violence, rarely see an uncontested divorce.

Can You Get a Divorce Online in Tennessee?

No, the state of Tennessee does not allow any divorce to be completed solely online. You will have to obtain additional documents from your local county clerk's office. Our Franklin uncontested divorce attorney is more than willing to accommodate you with phone and video consultations.

Our Franklin Uncontested Divorce Lawyer is Here For You

The weight on your chest you might be feeling due to your divorce proceedings does not have to stay there. When you come me, a qualified Tennessee uncontested divorce attorney, with your family law issues, you can find an immediate sense of relief in knowing that someone is here who cares about your situation. You will no longer have to face the uncertainty alone, and you can be confident that your uncontested divorce will go just as smoothly as you had hoped.

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