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If you and your spouse are going through a divorce and cannot seem to agree on some of the major issues, you will be dealing with what is known as a contested divorce. I, Franklin divorce attorney Julia E. Stovall, know how troublesome everything can be when you can only seem to butt heads with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. It is my genuine goal to be able to help you find an amicable ends to your disagreements that does not unfairly jeopardize your best interests, even if you want to avoid court and consider mediation instead.

For more than 30 years, I have been practicing family law. I have seen just about any sort of divorce case you can imagine, and I have been able to successfully handle each one that I have accepted. I believe that I am set apart from other attorneys in Franklin due to my unwavering commitment to my clients, and the honest representation I provide.

Other reasons I believe I should be your first choice of legal advocacy include:

  • I am a Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator
  • I am the winner of “Family Law 10 Best Female Attorney” in Tennessee
  • I have helped thousands of families in my career
  • I am positively rated and reviewed on Avvo
  • I provide top-notch service at competitive prices

Someone on Your Side During a Contested Divorce

If tempers are flaring and matters are not being resolved, it really is the time to seek professional assistance. Your future and livelihood could be hanging in the balance, depending on how your divorce pans out. This may be especially true if you share any children with your divorcing spouse. To ensure that nothing is being overlooked and that your rights are respected, let me step in.

With my help, some of the matters we can settle include:

Conceding too early or pushing too hard can lead to serious trouble. The skilled hand of an experienced family law litigator is often the best and only means to find a fair ending to a contested divorce.

How Long Does a Contested Divorce Take in Tennessee?

A contested divorce can take years to finalize, depending on the amount of issues that need to be resolved (such as alimony, child custody/support and property division), the spouses' willingness to compromise, and whether the case will be taken to trial. If the spouses agree to divide a pension, it may even take an additional 60 to 180 days after the court grants the divorce to complete the division. The average contested divorce case in Tennessee lasts about a year or longer.

In comparison, an uncontested divorce in Tennessee can take as little as two to six months to finalize. If no children are involved, the court requires a mandatory 60-day "cooling-off" period after the spouses file the divorce complaint. However, if the couple has children, the required cooling-off is increased to 90 days.

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Perhaps the greatest advantage you will notice when you retain my services as a Franklin divorce lawyer is a sense of comfortability and a general peace of mind. The matters that you are dealing with are not any that should be taken on alone.

Let me be the one to guide you, and you will appreciate the feeling of having the weight and responsibility of your contested divorce off your shoulders. Contact me today and we can start working on a solution that suits you.

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