Can I Start Dating Before My Divorce is Finalized?


opt to reenter the dating scene before their divorce is finalized. Although this might give you some immediate gratification and an ego boost, the benefits are well outweighed by the negative impact this may have on your divorce. Now is the time to be patient, focus on navigating this process as smoothly as possible, and focusing on your personal wel lbeing.

Why is Dating a Bad Idea?

No matter who filed for divorce, seeing your soon-to-be former spouse out in the dating world or with a new partner will result in some hurt feelings. If you hope to achieve an amicable resolution outside of court, creating anger and resentment will not help facilitate a smooth divorce. If anything, it might cause your spouse to fight tooth and nail on every issue, resulting in a longer and more contentious process that leaves everyone feeling wounded.

If you have children, dating before your divorce is finalized can have even more detrimental effects. A longer and more hostile litigation process will not be easy for them, so before you decide that a courtroom battle is an acceptable challenge, consider their needs first. Moreover, now is the time to help your children cope with this life changing event. The divorce process will consume much of your time and, when combined with dating or nurturing a budding romance, you will have little time to give to your children.

Lastly, if you wish to create a new and lasting relationship, now is not the time to do it. You need to take some time to reflect on what went wrong during the marriage and allow yourself some time to heal. You might be relieved that your marriage is over, but that does not necessarily mean you do not need time for yourself before moving forward and pursuing something new. Otherwise, you are more than likely to repeat many of the same errors that ultimately led to your divorce. It would also be unfair to a new partner if you brought them into your life during a time of chaos and uncertainty. Let the divorce run its course, care for your children, care for yourself, and wait until you are ready.

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