The Benefits of Divorce Mediation


In Tennessee, when spouses file for divorce, mediation is a mandatory part of the process. Of course, no one can force spouses to reach an agreement if they are determined to go through the litigation process. However, instead of viewing this required step as an obstacle, try to see it for the opportunity it truly is. When both spouses enter these negotiations with an open mind and a willingness to compromise, they often obtain a more favorable settlement compared to what they might receive if left up to the discretion of a judge.

Achieving an Amicable and Favorable Resolution

Divorce mediation is the first stop couples make during the divorce process. It is designed to provide them with the opportunity to work on their own settlement agreement before it lands in the hands of a judge. During your sessions, an unbiased third party will help facilitate negotiations and ensure you both stay on track. However, the mediator will not advocate on behalf of either party.

Below are some of the benefits of divorce mediation:

  • It costs less: Paying for the services of a mediator rather than footing the bill for your own respective attorneys can cut some of the costs of a divorce. You will also save on court fees, which can add up to a substantial amount.
  • It takes less time: Another reason why divorce mediation costs less is because it takes less time. If you and your spouse cooperate, you can achieve a resolution within a matter of months. Additionally, you can make your own schedule instead of having to work with the court’s schedule, which can take a considerable amount of time.
  • The details remain private: If you go through divorce litigation, the details of your divorce will not remain confidential. However, if you successfully end your marriage through mediation, you can maintain a sense of privacy.
  • It is better for your children: If you and your spouse have children, you will remain in each other’s lives as co-parents. Therefore, it would be wise to learn how to work together now and build a solid foundation that facilitates a more cooperative relationship.
  • You have control over the outcome: You never know what the outcome will be when you go through litigation. If you work a settlement with your spouse, however, you are more likely to be at least somewhat satisfied with the outcome since you will have a hand in it.

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If you are getting a divorce, mediation is a mandatory step in the process and you should make the most of it by choosing to work with an exceptional law firm. At Julia E. Stovall Attorney At Law, our divorce mediator can help facilitate negotiations and ensure you and your spouse reach a mutually favorable resolution you are both satisfied with. With more than two decades of legal experience and a history of proven success and client satisfaction, you can rest assured your case will be in good hands with us. It is our priority to ensure you and your spouse dissolve your marriage as smoothly as possible while achieving your goals.

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